Provides insights into your energy usage, where energy is being consumed or consumed ineffectively, and usage data are measured and collected by our smart wireless sensors.


What’s the current situation?

As we know for most commercial users and individual users are having one big power meter for their buildings and homes, that is not enough to see where and when the energy consumed for specific location and device with the details, only at the end of the month or year then will receive the bill which specifies the energy consumption details, and that is only one total consumption of the energy, so still couldn’t see where the energy really used by which device at what’s time, all this kind of energy information couldn’t find and get in traditional way.


How to realize the monitoring?

With GreenSoter system can let the energy user to deeply view their energy consumption in very detailed way. GreenSoter system consists of multiple smart units, which called FIT, it has power meter function and can measure the energy consumption in real-time, it can be installed in specific room or on specific device, for instance meeting room, office room, kitchen, toilet etc.; the devices can be printer, coffee machine, computer, etc., the consumption data can be measured for specific room or specific device, with this details of energy consumption then can be monitored. From GreenSoter Cloud or GreenSoter App, all the details can be viewed by clicking on specific location or device, then the specific consumption data will be presented, the data which measured and submitted by Fit in real-time.


What’s the benefit?

With this specific energy consumption data, then the energy consumption can be monitored in details, for instance how much energy is being consumed for time-being, why need such amount, and where consumed for. If the energy consumption is really needed then it won’t be a problem, but it is not really needed then it might be being wasted, and have to stop or change the way to use energy.


Can be applied to…

Office building, government, school, hotel, hospital, factory, airport and shopping mall, restaurant and homes, …