Greensoter’s Wireless Smart Management solution can be applied to building automation and Smart Home for smart energy management and control, intelligent fire-alarm and safety, etc., making building management more intelligent and achieving maximum energy saving and emission reduction.

GreenSoter’s products and services enable you to create a comfortable and safe living or working environment in an easy way. In addition, since the power consumption of each device is measured and collected in real time, you can check the specific energy consumption process at anytime and anywhere, and you can also set a personalized smart mode to turn on and off.

Due to using the latest intelligent technology, energy wasting can be minimized to achieve the best energy-saving effect, so as to make more and more contribution to a comfortable and livable living and working environment.

In particular, our products have their own “brains” and computing power, and once you have it, you can enjoy the latest features and innovations that we have for you. From our GreenSoter cloud, you can automatically get latest updates and features.

Through GreenSoter cloud you can remotely control your system and view specific energy consumption data, etc., and you can used smartphone and tablet apps as well.

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