GreenSoter B.V. is specialized in Smart Wireless Energy Management System designing, developing and producing, which integrates the latest Internet of Things ( IoT ) technologies with Mesh wireless communication protocol.

By using the GreenSoter system, you can deeply view where energy is being used, and how much is used at what time; meanwhile you also can remotely switch on and off any device via the Internet. The system consists of smart units and sensors, and works together with GreenSoter Cloud and mobile device App.

The energy usage will be measured every 5 second, and the data will be synchronised to Cloud at real-time, on the Cloud platform you can generate various report based on your needs, such as you can generate the report by area, or by floor, or by type of devices etc.

GreenSoter system can be used for Smart Building or Smart City to manage energy wirelessly with saving result about 30%. Except for energy management and saving, the system also can provide secondary smart security and fire-alarm services.

GreenSoter on RTL7 Television Greenproject-program: Click here