Monitors home, office, public spaces and production environment on safety hazards and potential dangerous scenario’s. The system detects intrusion, burglary and senses fire.


Nowadays the physical security in office buildings and homes are becoming more and more important, people want real-time to manage their office or home security status when they are not in or not nearby their office or home, such as checking what is happening in the surrounding of their offices or home, once had the emergency happened then they can involve in immediately, it can help to against intrusion, burglary and firing etc.


For most way will adopt the smart security by using smart camera system, it can record the video clip onto the hard disc in real-time, it doesn’t matter whether there has something happened or not, it will always record the video clip; this recorded video clip will be used after something happened, like intrusion or burglary.


GreenSoter system can provide the secondary security services with smart and sensitive sensors, for instance the motion sensor called Observe and temperature sensor called Emote.


The Observe can detect the human movement sensitively, once you turned on the security module in GreenSoter system, then the Observe will smartly and constantly check the area where need to take care of the security, once intrusion or burglary happened then the system will trigger the alarm and send the message to the people who are in charged of security or the third party who takes care of the user’s security matter. The message will include the specific location and time stamp where the emergency is being happened.


The Emote can constantly detect the environment’s temperature, once GreenSoter system is turned on for against firing then the Emote will smartly and constantly to check the area’s temperature where need to take of the firing, once the temperature reached the maximum degree which predefined in the GreenSoter system to avoid potential or possible firing, then the system will trigger the firing alarm, and send the message the people who is in charged of firing matter or the third party who is responsible for it, the message will include the specific location where possibly have firing or might be firing.


All the data that generated by the sensors will be collected and send to GreenSoter Cloud; from there you can have all the historical data about your office or home.


Can be applied to…

Office building, government, school, hotel, hospital, factory, airport and shopping mall, restaurant and homes, …