Smart wireless home/office/building energy management solution which enable you to avoid waste and improve energy management with the measured data.


What’s the current situation?

For most circumstance you will receive the monthly bill or yearly bill of your energy, from the bill you will have the total amount of energy usage which consumed during the past month or year, base on this limited information it is very hard to manage your energy well, because this information is about the past, about the energy which already has consumed. The only thing that you might be very careful to use energy after saw the bill, but couple days later you will forgot the bill and start carelessly about your energy, because the new bill is not coming yet, and you don’t know what the specific details about current ongoing usage, so there is no real management yet.


Stating energy managing, there should have the visible data, this is about your energy consumption both the past and ongoing.


How to realize management?

GreenSoter smart unit which called Fit, it has the measuring function and can measure the energy consumption in real-time, the measured data will be submitted to GreenSoter Cloud. By using the GreenSoter Cloud, you will get the real-time data, with this data then you can start to do the management, because the data are real-time data, you can see what’s going on with your energy consumption, you also can see where is consuming energy with specific amount by the specific device and location. For instance, you can see how much energy is used for specific office room in total of all devices.


What’s the benefit?

Because all the measuring data in GreenSoter system are real-time data, with this you can assume where the energy consumption is normal or where is abnormal, then you can have the solution for improving energy usage or fixing the problem which cause the abnormal usage.



Can be applied to…

Office building, government, school, hotel, hospital, factory, airport and shopping mall, restaurant and homes, …